Corporate Benefits

Your office procurement just got easy. Doukani offers our customers tailored solutions, informative dashboards and key metrics to bring efficiency and cost savings to your office procurement. Let’s begin a long and trusted partnership. All it takes is to register using the Buyer Registration button on this page. It is absolutely free.

Why order on Doukani

We have been in the e-commerce business since 2016. We understand your procurement needs, concerns and aspirations. Here are the key reasons why you will like us:

  • Free purchasing consultation
  • Verified Sellers
  • Transparent pricing
  • Easy price negotiation
  • Insightful business dashboards and tailored reports
  • Corporate Discounts on Bulk Buys

We supply:

  • Office Stationery & other essentials
  • Cafeteria & Pantry items
  • Housekeeping & Cleaning products
  • Health & Hygiene essentials
  • Corporate Gifts
  • IT & Office Automation (Coming Soon)

Buyer Benefits

Here are 5 key benefits of fulfilling your office requirements through Doukani

1. End-to end automated purchasing solution

Never run out of paper or over-stock your office inventory. Doukani’s specialized turnkey purchasing solution is here to manage your stationery, pantry and housekeeping needs. This is designed specifically to:

  1. Purchase at the Right Time: The time at which the purchases are to be made is of vital importance. In case of items used regularly, right time means the time when the stock reaches the minimum level.
  2. Buy only what is needed: We conduct periodic audits to ensure that you don't stock more than what is needed. We calculate your requirements based on office size, number of staff, usage patterns and other parameters. We assess, report and quote the best price for just what is needed. Not more, not less.
  3. Stick to budget: We discuss your budget in the first meeting. Based on site visit and assessment we put together bundles that fit your budget. Not just that, you can update the bundle by logging into your account>cart by adding or deleting products. This way you never spend more than what you have budgeted for.
  4. Make your life easy: By creating a tailored bundle, preparing quotes, negotiating with suppliers, placing orders on your behalf to deliver the products to your office Doukani manages the whole process. All you have to do is login> review cart > checkout. It’s that easy.

Get all the above benefits by booking a free consultation. Simply mail our Client Success Executive at with the Subject: Make my life easy

How does it work

It’s easy, simple and hassle-free.

  1. Book a free consultation by writing to with the Subject: Make my life easy
  2. Our Client Success Executive will call you to fix an appointment to tour your facility.
  3. Our team will visit, discuss your budget, assess your needs. 
  4. We go back and mail you a curated product list with price in 2-3 business days. 
  5. You can review the quote and confirm your order at your convenience. By the way you can track the status of the quote under Account > RFQ tab.  
  6. We add the bundle to your cart and send you the link. 
  7. You review the bundle, pay and checkout. You have the option to modify the bundle before making the payment.
  8. That’s it. We deliver your order on the scheduled day. You can track the delivery under your Account > Orders.

Isn’t that true value add?

To get your free consultation, drop us a mail at with the Subject: Make my life easy.

2. Buy from verified suppliers

We pre-qualify all our sellers. They are on-boarded after a strict due diligence. This means you can trust our sellers and products. Quality and price guaranteed. It’s a deal.

3. Easy request for quote

Dealing with multiple suppliers and negotiating the price can be time consuming and exhausting. Negotiating the price on your purchases just got easier. Doukani does this through our automated e-sourcing tool. Use our RFQ feature to request for a quote. Now sit back and let us do the job for you. You can track the progress under the RFQ tab on your Account. The whole process is online and seamless.6

You can use RFQ option if:

  1. You cannot find what you are looking for. Simply fill the form by clicking the RFQ Request on the home page. We will reach out to you.
  2. You are adding products to your cart and before check out you want to negotiate the price. You can use the RFQ button available on the product page or from your cart. 

To track progress of your RFQ, sign into your Account and click the RFQ tab. Once the quote is approved, the products are visible in your cart. You can now check out and get your products delivered to your doorstep.

4. Discount on Bulk Buys

Planning your purchase, and buying in bulk can help you save upto 25% of the cost in terms of shipping charges and bulk discounts.
You are also helping us reduce the carbon footprint by allowing us to fulfill more deliveries in minimal trips.
That is a true value-add: You buy more, still spend less, save money and save the planet too. Now that's what we call the perfect deal!

5. Know better, Buy better, Save better

You want to cut costs, but you don’t know what you have been purchasing, how much stock is left, or whether you need new stock yet. Are you also at a loss about the money spent on purchasing office essentials? Don't worry, Doukani to the rescue. An intuitive and informative Dashboard under your Account displays your most purchased products.
You can also do a monthly, quarterly and yearly trend analysis on quantity purchased and amount spent.
You can also generate insightful reports that can be exported in XL and other formats for you to input into your budgeting and P&L calculations.
If you opt to, our Client Success Executives (CSE) can send you end of the month reports on key metrics chosen by you. To avail this, please write to our CSE at with the Subject: Know better, Save better.