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Amazing FACE YOGA to slim and tone your face

Be Your Best 2020 Program – Week 3

Do you realise that just like other muscles in your body, you can work your facial muscles for a toned, slim and youthful look? We are totally in love with these simple and easy face yoga tips from our registered health coach Lalitha. Set some time aside for self-love and self-care. You deserve it!

1. Laughing exercise: Laugh like a child.

2. Keep the skin around your mouth and the jawline tighter with this second exercise. Index finger on your chin and open your mouth like the letter “O” and look up. As simple as that.

3. Dab your fingers on your face in a circular motion upwards – on your cheeks, around the eyes and the forehead. This augments the blood flow and brings shine to your face.

4. Buzz like a bee to increase the flow of oxygen to your face. We tried it and loved this one!

5. Keep wrinkles away by puffing up your cheeks and rinsing your mouth with the air.

6. The “V” exercise improves the skin texture around the eyes.

Do these for just 15 minutes a day and get a toned face and vibrant skin.

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